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RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013!

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RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013! Completely online. Dramatically less work for the coordinator of each swim club. Automatic Receipting which is ideal for donors! Fundraising $ anticipated to increase by minimum 75% Fundraising in sport comes with every sport your child participates in. It is no different with the sport of swimming in Canada. Swim-A-Thon has been occurring for years in affiliated Swim Canada clubs across Canada. This has involved children collecting manual pledges and physically chasing down friends, relatives, acquaintances, and...

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Panhandling Vs. Online Fundraising?

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Panhandling Vs. Online Fundraising?  Nothing drives me more crazy than every weekend, going to my same local grocery store, and on the way out being hit up by a cute child for fundraising dollars.  The local grocery store feels they are supporting youth sports and other local organizations to allow kids to crowd the exit door and make you feel incredibly guilty, because of course the organization puts the cutest kid in the front. The kids stand in front, while parents stand behind them looking proud of little Johnny for asking a stranger for money or a store receipt that can be converted to...

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