ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how Social Media Awareness and Fundraising has Evolved

ALS has had and is having one of the most successful campaigns to date. One man’s own personal journey and challenge (Peter Frate) has become known as the Ice Bucket Challenge and this has gone viral on social media faster than a house on fire.

Naturally the awareness of ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease through the Ice Bucket Challenge actual event and challenging of others has gone viral.  Young and even old alike are jumping in taking the challenge.  But what is missing is the marketing arm, you still need to drive people to action to donate.  The challenge has driven people to take the action of dumping ridiculously cold water and ice over their heads but how many of those have actually registered as a participant for the Challenge  to actively raise money.

Using a fundraising site to raise money is key to an organization’s goal of raising money.  Awareness is one thing but we need money to develop programs, invest in research, and in some cases offer services to patients and families.

Develop your campaign and hand in hand market your online fundraising site to help raise money and awareness.

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