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APN Write-A-Thon 2014

The Second Annual APN Write-A-Thon is like a 24 hour playwriting contest meets a bike-athon. Playwrights sign up to write for 24 straight hours (in a room with other playwrights in Edmonton or Calgary). The APN Write-A-Thon will be providing APN Members with the comraderie, space, and time to write the first draft of their new play, or finish one (or two) they're already working on.

Playwrights and /or teams of writers will set a goal for how many pages they can write in 24 hours. All the proceeds for this event will go towards play development workshops, creating new member resources, public staged readings of brand new plays & professional and amateur playwright development courses.

You might think "Why should I support APN?" APN provides the development for plays and playwrights. We are a grassroots organization helping to create the next crop of Alberta writers and stories. At APN we develop plays and artistic voices without the pressure of production allowing a complete freedom for writers to write the stories they want.

Thank you for your support!

Fundraiser Ended November 15, 2014

Sorry this fundraiser has already ended.
Special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved and contributed.
Fundraising Goal: $15,000
Total Raised: $5,000
Goal Completion

Top Fundraisers:

$730 - jamesroberthar
$710 - joesemenoff1
$555 - jamesodinwade
$480 - anonivy
$450 - rivergal

Organization Donors:

$30 - PA
$50 - Dr. Runte
$30 - Dancing Monkey Lab
$20 - Terry Chung
$50 - Tracy-I'm not staying up
$20 - Fleming