Benefits of Online Fundraising for School Fundraising

School Fundraising has become a hot topic over the years.  The government has advised that School Councils should not be raising monies for the basics like textbooks, pencils, and basic classroom supplies.  Frankly, none of it should be falling back on Schools and School Councils to be raising monies for items that are necessary for student engagement and learning.  Unfortunately, the tax payer pays and then the parents and community pay again.  There are so many discussions on this issue, you can check out  to hear more about what the community is saying.

Stop spending inordinate hours and manpower planning a School BBQ, selling food for a fundraiser, or selling any other chachka that parents and community feel obligated to purchase.

Think differently!  Imagine, that shortly mobile devices will be outselling personal computers.  Now is the time to take advantaged when people are the most engaged and contacted.  Mobile devices have become the third leg to some people.

Engage your School in developing a Walk-A-Thon, a Skip-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon, or a Dance-A-Thon to name a few.  Keep kids active, provide a cause, and market your cause!

Raiseathon, , offers a complete peer-to-peer online pledge fundraising tool for Schools and other organizations.  We can have you up and running fast!  Parents/Students reach out to their family and friends through Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc.  Raise money while you sleep!  In a world, where people live on all parts of the globe, this is the way to stay connected.

Your site will offer branding of your school and your event.  State your cause whether it be new technology, or a program to enforce Anti-Bullying, Raiseathon offers you a complete and simple tool to effectively fundraise!  Flat fee service which is the most economical in the market.

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  1. Hi – we want to set up raise a thon for our school fundraiser to build a new learning center. I look forward to hearing from you soon. We plan to have our walk a thon the first week of June. Thank you

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