Camp Trillium and Annaleise Carr pair up to fundraise online!


We congratulate Annaleise Carr. She is the youngest swimmer, at 14 years of age, to successfully cross Lake Ontario. Annaleise successfully fundraised for Camp Trillium, a cancer camp for children with cancer and their families, to raise over $120,000.  Visit to see how they raise money differently with RaiseAThon.

We were proud to host Annaleise’s fundraising site in order to support Camp Trillium. This is another example how online pledge fundraising works. solution she raised approximately $50,000. Camp Trillium is a non-profit organization who has joined many charity and non-profit organizations, foundations, sporting organizations, schools, hospitals, and religious groups, to raise money via online pledge fundraising.

Check out Annaleise’s site.



It becomes so simple. People want to give. It removes all borders and allow for those who wish to give to support a cause or a particular participant. Participants can personalize their page and it becomes another social media outlet for those raising money for a cause.
The majority of the world is online either through their phones, PCs or other mobile devices and they are on the go. It’s easy to reach out via social networking, or email to request support for your event.

Join the likes of non-profit, Camp Trillium, to raise valuable fundraising dollars for your organization. Switch from paper pledging to online ad you will see increases of up to 80% on your fundraising dollars.

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