Halton Buddy Walk and RaiseAThon partnered up for some great online fundraising success!

Halton Buddy Walk and RaiseAThon partnered up for some great online fundraising success!         Halton Down Syndrome Association, a non-profit organization, participates in the Annual Buddy Walk and has been doing offline paper pledge forms to raise support through the participants for the past number of years.  Successful – yes!  This year HDSA … Read more

Swim Canada – Launches its Annual Swim-A-Thon with New RaiseAThon Canada!

Ontario SwimAThon

    Swim Canada (R)  partners with RaiseAThon (R) to launch beta test for its Annual Swim-A-Thon On January 1, 2013, Swim Ontario officially became the provincial beta test for Swim Canada’s National integration of its historic Swim-A-Thon program. Between January and March 31st, sixty plus swim clubs from Ontario will launch their new online … Read more

RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013!

RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013! Completely online. Dramatically less work for the coordinator of each swim club. Automatic Receipting which is ideal for donors! Fundraising $ anticipated to increase by minimum 75% Fundraising in sport comes with every sport your child participates in. It is no different with the sport of … Read more

Fundraising is a Dirty Word!

Fundraising is a dirty word or at least it can be.  At the amateur level, it doesn’t matter if your child participates in gymnastics, dance, hockey, or swimming, participation goes beyond participating in the sport.  It comes with an expectation that your family will fundraise for the organization, association, or club. My daughter’s sports team … Read more

Turn your Fans and Supporters into Online Fundraisers

Turn your fans and supporters into Online Fundraisers.  Each of our non-profits, charities, and sporting organizations all have an endless list of fans and supporters.  Utilize this and get your fans and supporters spreading the word and fundraising for your organization. All of our organizations are businesses and we need to think like business leaders.  … Read more

Effective Fundraising Online for Your Organization

Non-Profits, Charitable, Sporting, and School Organizations need to examine how they can effectively fundraise online.  It’s absolutely easy to understand that the future is through peer-to-peer online pledge fundraising, fundraising through mobile devices, and farming out your cause to those who are looking to adopt an organization. The challenge is that so many organizations have … Read more

Non-Profits Take Advantage of Online Pledge Fundraising Tool

Utilizing programs like RaiseAThon’s Online Fundraising tool, www.raiseathon.ca , enables non-profits, and like organizations, to take advantage of raising money online by reaching out through social media.  This is where the future lies, just like the Presidental Campaigns of Obama and Romney.  www.npengage.com/online-fundraising-lessons-from-the-obama-and-romney-campaigns. Camp Trillium, a non profit organization who sends children with cancer and their families … Read more