Effective Fundraising Online for Your Organization

online fundraising money in the bannkNon-Profits, Charitable, Sporting, and School Organizations need to examine how they can effectively fundraise online.  It’s absolutely easy to understand that the future is through peer-to-peer online pledge fundraising, fundraising through mobile devices, and farming out your cause to those who are looking to adopt an organization.

The challenge is that so many organizations have been scrutinized for how they fundraise.  So many organizations due to staffing, and the belief that it is more efficient to farm out their fundraising to third party.  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2010/09/21/con-charities-fundraisers.html In a time, when people are watching their money, organizations need to effectively get their message out.

Many online pledge fundraising tools suggest their tool is free but then you need to pay high percentages for the dollars you raise.  ‘handling and processing fees’  Some organizations charge for their tool, and charge percentages for what you raise.

Stop and think about how ineffective this is.  You as an organization are accountable to a board, and to the donors that choose your organization to engage with and donate their money online.

RaiseAThon’s Online Pledge Fundraising Tool accomplishes all of this and more.  RaiseAThon charges a flat fee between $200-$400 for your site.  This includes building and branding of your online pledge fundraising tool, hosting, receipting to the Canada Revenue Agency standards, and payment processing.  You do require Paypal www.paypal.com  which for non-profits or charities charge 1.9% +0.30 trx fee per donation.

Once the tool is built, it is easily shared through participants with all the forums of social media.  i.e www.facebook.com www.twitter.com etc.  The money will pour in, but why give up % of spend.  There is no reason to be penalized for the amount of money you raise.

visit www.raiseathon.ca and see our benefits to effectively fundraising for your Non-Profit, Charity, Sporting Team or Organization, School, Hospital, etc.

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