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Canadian Dolphin Swim Club Endurothon

On behalf of the CDSC Coaching Team and Board of Directors, welcome to our Endurothon Fundraiser for the 2018-19 season!

Date: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Nvember 25th, 27th and 29th. (Junior Dolphins will swim on Sunday)

We set an aggressive goal for fundraising last year and achieved amazing results, so we are aiming to exceed last year's target and set our goal at $30,000. These funds are crucial to supporting exceptional ongoing coaching resources, training camps and specialized coaching, like our recent sessions with Olympian, Hilary Caldwell.

Each swimmer is required to participate and commit to pushing themselves in the pool to support CDSC:

*Fitness Group swim on Tuesday November 27th 6:30-8:00pm: 150M (x25) or 1.5 hours

*Red 2 and below swim on Sunday November 25th from 6-10am: 150M (x25) or 1.5 hours *Elite 2 Senior; Elite 1 Senior and Elite 1 Junior swim on Tues November 27th 4-5:30pm: 3x1500 or 4500m *Elite 2 Junior and Western/YNG swim on Thursday, November 29th 4-5:30pm: 3x1550 or 4500 metres

The minimum fundraising goal for each level:

*Junior/White/Blue Dolphins and Fitness - $100/Swimmer

*Red Dolphins - $150/Swimmer

*Elite Dolphins - $225/Swimmer

*YNG/Western - $300/Swimmer

There will be prizes based upon the following:

*2 Highest fundraisers in the club

*Top fundraiser in each group

*Most individual pledges

*Pizza Party for the group that has all their swimmers meet the minimum fundraising goal

To be eligible for a prize you must have the following:

*Have all your pledges and money submitted by November 30, 2018.

*Reach your group's minimum fundraising goal.

*Take part in the Endurothon

How To Get Started:

*Swimmers - REGISTER now (click the 'Swimmer Registration' button)

*Donors - pledge your swimmer (click the 'Search For Swimmer' button) Please note that donations will not be eligible for charitable donation tax receipts.

The generosity of our members, families and friends is pivotal to our success as a competitive swim community and each contribution helps us reach our goals of delivering excellence in swimming in a high performance environment.

Thank you for your support!

The CDSC Coaching Team and Board of Directors.

Fundraiser Ended November 30, 2018

Sorry this fundraiser has already ended.
Special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved and contributed.
Fundraising Goal: $30,000
Total Raised: $19,820
Goal Completion

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$700 - Charlotte
$600 - Ridley
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