Features & Benefits


Features & Functions

Our program is a simple to use website that takes your event information and transforms it into a living activity.  Utilizing the best security and processing systems in Canada, along with providing a one time flat fee system, you keep more of your donor’s dollars than any other system today.  RaiseAThon has been developed to be deployed for both large pledge and small donation activities and events. With RaiseAThon, accepting online donations and pledges has never been so efficient and effective for your cause.

Easy Setup

It’s easy as 1-2-3 complete the web setup form, establish your paypal account and your event and site is up and running in a matter of hours.


Privacy & Security

RaiseAThon works with the best partners in the industry to keep your donor and participant information safe and secure. Transactions and Credit Card information is secure with our partnership with Paypal, the leader in online transaction processing.


Our Fee

RaiseAThon is proud of its Flat Based Fee system that doesn’t take any additional transaction fees from your organization. A one time fee covers the launch and development of your site. An additional 1.9% + .30 trx fee is applied by PayPal directly which is the most cost effective in the market.  You will not find a better credit card processing fee with their level of security in the fundraising industry.


Charitable and Donor Receipts

RaiseAThon offers your organization “instant charitable receipt” issuance for each donor transaction.  Receipt levels and issuance is set by the organization and working with your organization we ensure that each and every donor will receive both a thank you and information concerning their receipt.  In addition, the host organization also receives access to an online transaction and audit file to make your accounting department very happy.



RaiseAThon offers real time 24/7 reporting so you can track registrations, donations, missing members, receipt issuance, donor information and participant details.   Our reporting provides real time audit trails and cash flow management.  All reports are exportable to excel for easy analysis and further discussion.


Customer Service & Training Assistance

RaiseAThon offers its partners customer service and training for both donors and participants.  Whether it is help setting up your organization’s PayPal account or simply putting together your memberships FAQ for kickoff, RaiseAThon is always ready to help.


 Mobile Applications

RaiseAThon offers its sites in a way that makes those who use portable mobile devices easier to donate on the run.  Website and Applications are enhanced to make the donor experience simple and engaging.  Increase your fundraising potential by maximizing the experiences of your donors and participants.