Fundraising for your Sports Team

It doesn’t matter what sports club or organization your child is involved in, they all seem to have additional fundraising obligations linked to them.  The shame is that while they are involved in a sport, they are required to sell chocolate almonds, candy, cookie dough, etc to raise insubstantial funds for the organization.

With Raiseathon’s Online Pledge Fundraising Tool the game changes.

Simply create an ‘A-Thon Online Fundraising program related or unrelated to your sporting organization.

i.e. Soccer Online Fundraising

Hockey or Figure Skating Online Fundraising

The options are endless just like the connections through social media.  Utilizing social media to raise online funds will raise you 40% more funds than any other method of fundraising.  See

Take for example a swim organization who utilized RaiseAthon’s Online Pledge Fundraising Tool last year, they raised $39,000.  The year prior they did a similar event via paper pledges and raised $10,000.

Raiseathon’s Online Pledge Fundraising Tool is affordable, simple, and efficient.  Participants can reach out through all forums of Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc or email their participant page all over the world to friends and family resulting in a a successful online fundraising campaign.

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