RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013!

RaiseAThon and Swim Canada Partner up for Swim-A-Thon 2013! Completely online. Dramatically less work for the coordinator of each swim club. Automatic Receipting which is ideal for donors! Fundraising $ anticipated to increase by minimum 75%

Fundraising in sport comes with every sport your child participates in. It is no different with the sport of swimming in Canada. Swim-A-Thon has been occurring for years in affiliated Swim Canada clubs across Canada.

This has involved children collecting manual pledges and physically chasing down friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbours.

Swim-A-Thon will continue on, that’s a given. RaiseAThon is proud to offer an online pledge fundraising tool for Swim Canada and its Swim club affiliates for 2013.

It’s quite simple for 2013. Swim Canada and RaiseAthon have worked together to build the website framework.  Now individual clubs simply add a picture, a goal statement, and their event date/time details. Then within that site swimmers set up their profile page with a goal statement, monetary goal, and a profile image and away they go. Swimmers send out emails or post to Twitter or Facebook to pull in donations and the pledges are tallied on their profile page via a thermometer. The use of social media accelerates and expands the fundraising efforts to exponential proportions.

For the Swim-A-Thon club coordinators, it becomes a huge time-saver and simple process to manage. For the provincial Swim-A-Thon coordinator, a simple validation occurs, and receipts to donors are deployed immediately.

RaiseAThon is excited to release the demo site www.ontarioswimathon.ca/demo to show how other sporting clubs can take advantage of a great program to raise needed funds for their athletes.

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