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Team Pro Coro Canada

Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Total Raised: $2,250
Fundraising Goal Completion: 45.00%
Team Members:
1 Mireille Rijavec
2 Michael Zaugg
3 Adrienne Sitko
4 Lynnea Bartel-Nickel
5 Peter Malcom
6 Rita Smyth Burns
7 Jane Berry

About: Run For Music 2018

Run for Music is a fun and easy way to help Alberta choirs raise funds for themselves, and to support the programs offered by Choir Alberta. Designed to provide a much higher percentage of return than most fundraisers, up to 70% of the funds raised go directly to your choir. Funds remaining after Run For Music expenses are paid are used in support of Choir Alberta initiatives such as the Alberta Children's Choirs, Alberta Youth Choir, Choralfest, and Music Conference Alberta. These programs provide learning and performance opportunities for more than 10,000 choristers from more than 200 choirs across Alberta every year.

Members of each Run For Music team walk or run 5 or 10 km through Edmonton's scenic Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park. As participants make their way through the course, they are met by musicians of all ages performing all kinds of music! After crossing the finish line, participants sit down to a delicious pancake breakfast complete with live entertainment for participants and their supporters to enjoy.

While choirs build teams of up to 25 people who will walk or run the course, the whole choir is involved in gathering support for the fundraiser. Teams can include anyone - choristers, family members, or friends. As long as they share the common goal of raising money for your choir (and enjoying themselves while doing it), they're welcome to join. Pledges are made to the team (not the individual). Your whole choir is encouraged to collect pledges for your choir's team either online at RaiseAThon.ca (this site) or with paper pledge forms downloadable from www.choiralberta.ca

Registration fees per team are $50 and payable at time of registration. No tax receipts are issued for registration fees.
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Fundraiser Ended May 6, 2018

Sorrry this fundraiser has already ended.

Team Pro Coro Canada Raised: $2250

Big thanks to everyone who sponsored Team Pro Coro Canada.

Team Pro Coro Canada's Sponsors:

$250 - Mireille Rijavec
$250 - Maestro Zaugg
$30 - miss. sable
$50 - Taunya Wirzba
$50 - Patricia Wankiewicz
$50 - Suzanne Thomas
$100 - Susan Cribbs
$250 - Michael Phair
$25 - Sarah Schaub
$5 - Tannis Spencer
$100 - Laurier Fagnan
$40 - Rachel Sito
$50 - Dana and Grant
$150 - ONPA Architects
$50 - Al Berry
$500 - Charles and Rita Burns
$50 - Denise Lavallée & Joël La
$250 - Peter Malcolm

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