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Thank You for the Music Society

Practice-A-Thon 2021

Thank You for the Music Society (TYFTM), in collaboration with the Langley School District Foundation, is excited to launch its second Practice-A-Thon to support music students and teachers in the Langley School District. 

We are so grateful for your support in this initiative! Thank you for visiting our fundraising page, and for supporting young musicians.

TYFTM's vision is communities where everyone has the opportunity to enhance their quality of life through music, and our work focuses on projects to help realize that vision. We deliver programs and projects that overcome the barriers communities face accessing music.

This year’s Practice-A-Thon will take place from May 10-24, 2021. Musicians (students) register online with a commitment to practice for a specific amount of time over the 15 days. Family and friends are encouraged to pledge students in order to raise funds for pianos in Langley public schools.

The Langley School District has a thriving music program, but they have identified the need for more than 15 new acoustic, hybrid and stage pianos in schools across the district in the coming years. These pianos will support multiple music opportunities in our public schools: choirs, bands, jazz ensembles, musical theatre, and individual practice. Local students of all ages will have the opportunity to learn and embrace the positive power of music in their lives!

We would like to give a big shout out, and many sincere thanks, to all the music teachers, students and musicians who are supporting the Practice-A-Thon by signing up, spreading the word, committing to practice diligently, and collecting pledges. Your support means the world to all of us at TYFTM Society, and we want you to know how grateful we are! 

To learn more about TYFTM Society and how to receive bonus prize entries, follow us on Instagram and Facebook:

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Fundraiser Ends: June 8, 2021

Online registration opens May 1, 2021

Practice-A-Thon takes place May 10 - 24th, 2021

Deadline for donations is June 7, 2021.
Fundraising Goal: $12,000
Total Raised: $540
Goal Completion

Top Fundraisers: (so far)

$140 - Oliviasawatsky
$125 - oceanal
$50 - AlvinYu
$50 - DrawnToSong
$40 - MusikNewbies

Organization Donors: (so far)

$15 - Cathy Wickwire
$50 - Alison