Turn your Fans and Supporters into Online Fundraisers

Turn your fans and supporters into Online Fundraisers.  Each of our non-profits, charities, and sporting organizations all have an endless list of fans and supporters.  Utilize this and get your fans and supporters spreading the word and fundraising for your organization.

All of our organizations are businesses and we need to think like business leaders.  Customers are your biggest asset.  This holds true for any of our non-profits, charities, and sporting organizations and how we look at fundraising.

Social Media has allowed us to reach out to the masses.  Whether it be for personal use or for business , this is where the future lies.

Non-profits, charities, and fundraisers need to look at organizations like RaiseAthon‘s Online Pledge Fundraising to assist them in reaching out to the world to support their fundraising cause.  Developing donor lists and databases are just as important as raising the funds for your organizations.

We have all seen the bus aid in US that was bullied by students.  It took one gentleman, in Canada, who built a fundraising site, to allow for people to donate to the woman.  Over $500,000 was raised for this woman.  Did these people know this woman?  Absolutely, not, it was cause marketing, and it worked.  People passed on via social media and the donations came pouring in.

Empowering your current donors, fans, supporters to support your cause for fundraising is key to your success.  If you ignore this opportunity in online fundraising, you will remain in a silo and not get to the masses.

Contact RaiseAthon’s team and see how you can turn your fans and supporters into Fundraisers.  We are the only organization to take a flat fee.  We do not penalize you for money that you raise.  Keep your money in your organization.  It’s fast, and simple and will do the job!

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